Spending Your Holidays in Latvia

From all the destinations in the world, Europe is a dream place for many of tourists from all over the world, whether you wish to enjoy your honeymoon or just want to relish a leisure trip with your family or simply have a business meeting, Latvia in Europe is the great destination. Well, you can go to Latvia whenever you wish to, but the ideal time to see this incredible country is during the summer season. You can make the most of your holidays at the time of the summer as you enjoy the long days on the golden sandy seashore, a pleasurable bathe in the Baltic Sea or you can go for an adventurous hiking in flourishing dense green forests out there. For whatever purpose you can imagine enjoying your vacations at Latvia, it is really an ideal destination for all the fun lovers in the world.
Latvia has the longest white sandy seashore in Europe making it an excellent destination for summer holidays. On reaching Latvia, you can go to the country’s leading coastal beach resort next to Riga, that is, Jurmula. Here you can enjoy swimming and sunbathing in fresh and clean water which is a lifetime remembrance. Even if you don’t like swimming, the amazing sights in Cape Kolka are worth watching. You can spend some weeks in Liepaja which is the third biggest city of Latvia. It is a host city for yearly rock celebrations and largest beach party. Liepaja is also popular for its fascinating coastal line which is quite famous for beach parties. You can spend a whole night there and dance and mix with your family or friends and enjoy the company of some of the most welcoming people that the world has ever had. Visiting Liepaja is a perfect idea as you will experience the fun that is just unparallel.

Latvia is known for outdoor visits too. You can see the largest and one of the most famous national parks, The Gauja National Park. You can enjoy the bicycling and the thrilling hiking ways in this National Park. You can experience observing the amazing wildlife and natural rock formations which are other lovely sights in Latvia. Apart from the amazing attractions and natural scenic beauty, Latvia has a comfortable climate which suits nearly all who come here. Also, the known summer festivals in Latvia is the Jani festival which is enjoyed with big pomp and merrymaking. You would see bonfires and events during the Jani festive event. It is a public holiday for all people in Latvia and is enjoyed for the day of summer solstice. The people wear traditional wreaths and choose herbs as a cultural practice. The other great occasion that is celebrated with great fun in the month of August is the Cesis festival. For this occasion, as a sign of respect to the city’s medieval heritage, there are several shows on the medieval knights. You can even enjoy the various art exhibits of Latvian traditions held in several towns along with classical shows and concerts that keep you busy all through the day.

There are several ways to enjoy in this exciting country in Europe. Latvia is indeed worth visiting at least once in life.

And now for a video tour of Riga, enjoy the video below.


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