Latvian climate and geography

Latvia is located towards the eastern shores of Baltic Sea. The Baltic Sea is located on the northwestern part of east European platform. The location of the country is between Estonia and Lithuania. Almost 98% of the country lies below 200m elevation. The country was divided by the ice age into three main regions. They include the middle lowlands, eastern uplands and moronic western. The country has more than 12,000 rivers but only 17 of the rivers are longer than 100kilometers. It has more than 3,000 small lakes. Most of the lakes are eutrophic. Major rivers you can visit in Latvia include Lielupe, Daugava, Venta, Gauja and Salaca. The country has woodlands where more than half of them are made up of pinewoods. The pinewoods cover over 41% of the landmass. It has 531 kilometers of sandy coastline. The ports of Ventispils and Liepaja provide important warm harbors for the Baltic coast. The country has a lot tourist can enjoy but it has few mineral resources.

Latvian climate and geography

Weather & climate

Towards the west coast the country experiences maritime climate. The hinterland towards the east experiences continental climate. You will experience warm days between June and September. They are sunny which make it easy for tourists to enjoy outdoors. The country experiences long winters which are very harsh. In winter temperatures rarely rise above freezing. This is experienced between December and March. In April they can be as low as 5ÂșC. Rainfall in Latvia is distributed throughout the year. The heaviest rainfall is experienced in the month of august. You will experience more rainfall during winter months.

Required clothing

Considering the harsh climatic condition of Latvia, you need to be prepared with the right clothing before you visit the area. Summer months people wear light to medium clothes. During summer you will have to wear heavyweight clothes. The heavy clothes can be worn throughout spring and autumn. You will need heavy clothing to protect yourself during the heavy winter months.

Weather in Riga

Riga is the capital of Latvia. The city lies just 12km from the Baltic Sea. The city can experience long winter which is dark and bitter. Spring and summer days have long hours of daytime. When the sun shines, people flock to numerous city parks to enjoy themselves. People enjoy summer days a lot. If you are a tourist, you will have an opportunity to interact with many locals in different cafes and entertainment joints during summer.


The country borders the Russian federation towards the east, Belarus in the southeast, Estonia in the north and Lithuania in the south. It has five major regions. They include Kurzeme in the west, Riga in the north, Zemgale in the west, Latgale in the east and Vidzeme also in the east. Latvia is reasonably flat. The coastline consists of sand dunes and low sea cliffs. There are plenty of dense forests in the country for you to enjoy woodlands if you love woods. It can be a great destination for those who will like to adventure in the cold woods.


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